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Are you really getting a better premium?

I completely understand the economics involved and concerns with higher premiums. I truly do (I have two daughters and one of them drives). I also understand that insurance premiums constantly increase in the State of Florida and there are many great carriers available (some clearly better than others). Being an independent agent grants us the opportunity to offer choices.

However, what really upsets me is when I see a client cancel their policy for one that is completely stripped of coverage. I just recently almost lost a client to an agent in South Florida. This particular client has been with me (and the same carrier) for over TEN YEARS!!! This client never called us to review his/her policy and yet we received a request to cancel his/her policy.
What was interesting is that I also received the declarations (coverage) page and I was truly disgusted by what I saw (and I unfortunately see this all too often). Not only was the dwelling (home) coverage significantly reduced, but the other agent removed replacement cost on contents (meaning, their contents would be depreciated and not replaced with new items), the actual value of the contents was reduced by more than half (again, without the replacement cost coverage, a loss would be exponential), they removed Ordinance & Law coverage (essential for a total loss), and they raised the deductibles creating a much larger out-of-pocket expense in the event of a claim. This ultimately presented a much lower premium, but also creating a substantial loss in the event of a claim.
If my client was actually made AWARE of these differences, I think we would likely have retained that client (I did send out several emails explaining the differences and indeed saved the policy). The point is that most other agents strictly sell “PREMIUMS” and don’t properly insure their clients. My agency is extremely passionate about PROPERLY INSURING YOU!!! We value your trusting us to protect your most essential assets and we take that role extremely seriously (sometimes more seriously than our clients do). Unfortunately, a lot of agents don’t share our values.
So, I ask, are you really getting a better premium??? If so, at what cost?
If you EVER want us to review your policy, please call us anytime. WE WANT YOUR BUSINESS!!! Please tell your relatives, friends and neighbors about our services. Thank you for the opportunity to assist you with your insurance needs.