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(Insurance) knowledge is power

(Insurance) KNOWLEDGE is Power!

As insurance professionals, our job is to educate and guide our clients. We have always strived to share our knowledge and experience with all of our clients. We want you to be knowledgeable, so you can make an INFORMED decision when it comes to YOUR insurance.

Why the Florida insurance industry continues to experience major increases in home insurance premiums

Why Is This Happening? There have been over 8 carriers shut down in the last 2 years and it has everything to do with the age of roofs and attorneys targeting those claims and applying their one-way fees which has led to over $1.5 BILLION in FLORIDA claims for EACH year since 2019. This has […]

why florida home insurance premiums keep rising

BEWARE of Cheap Home Insurance

Beware of Cheap Premiums – Too Good to be True! This month, we are sharing coverage education, insight into industry trends and expectations, and explaining that cheaper is not always better when it comes to home insurance. While the information we share may seem alarming, we want you to know we are 100% in the […]

Happy 20th Anniversary

Happy 20th Anniversary!

A lot can happen in 20 years… 2002 feels both like it was just yesterday and also a lifetime ago. To give you a better sense of that, here are some things that happened in 2002: The first Spider-Man film staring Tobey Maguire was released in theaters. Lilo & Stitch made its debut. Kelly Clarkson […]

family in front of their home

Insurance St. Johns, Florida

    Insurance Coverage in St. Johns is Unique The 32259 area code as well as all of St Johns County is one of the fastest growing areas in Florida. In fact, it’s grown by over 22% since the year 2000. Many parts of this area are expected to grow even more in the years […]

Life Insurance under a magnifying glass

How I Work With Clients on Life and Long Term Care Insurance

By: Benny Smith My clients work with me because they worry about how the financial risks caused by death, disability, taxes, retirement, and the costs of long term care will affect their families, business, investments, and other assets. We complete a comprehensive needs analysis with each client to determine his or her financial objectives and […]

Protect What Matters Most Life Insurance Illustration

5 Reasons To Consider Life Insurance

Guaranteed protection. If you have family or others that depend on you, life insurance is a safety net. Pay Final Expenses. Funerals and burials can easily be tens of thousands of dollars. Without life insurance, this can pose a financial burden on those already suffering emotionally from the death of a loved one. Pay Off […]

Liability Limits and Deductibles chart

Liability Limits and Deductibles

Each state has it’s own minimum liability limit requirements for Bodily Injury and Property Damage. While many drivers think they are saving by carrying only the state minimum limits (which we highly recommend against), raising your limits could actually help make sure you are getting the best rates! By carrying higher liability limits, you are […]

home maintenance

Escrow Analysis, Home Insurance, & Home Maintenance – Oh My!

It’s that time of year again – the annual escrow analysis! Most lenders complete an escrow analysis once a year, typically near the end of year to ensure enough funds are being collected for upcoming home insurance premiums and property taxes. We usually see an influx of requests to shop insurance policies due to the […]

client insurance agent diagram

What is the Role of an Insurance Agent?

As your agent, our primary goal is to learn your specific insurance needs, and help guide you to the right policy. We help facilitate the connection with your insurance carrier. We will usually be your first point of contact. Not only do we quote insurance, we will continue to service your policy. It doesn’t just […]

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