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Auto Insurance in Jacksonville, St. Johns and Nassau Counties

If you have an accident, auto insurance protects you financially. It's a legal agreement between you and the insurance provider. You agree to pay the premium, and the insurance company agrees to cover your losses according to the terms of your policy. Allow Mizrahi & Garris Insurance Agency to assist you in finding the right auto insurance policy in Jacksonville today!

As a local, independent insurance agency, Mizrahi & Garris Insurance Agency in Florida can help you find the right policy for your car by comparing quotes and coverage options from several top providers.

Bodily Injury Liability Insurance

“Bodily Injury Protection” is one of the most , if not THE most, important coverage available on your auto policy. While Florida law does not technically require it, from a practical point of view you should have it. It pays for serious and permanent injury or death to others when your car is involved in an accident and the driver of your car is found to be at fault to some extent. This policy can pay for injuries caused by you and relatives who live with you, even if they are driving someone else’s car. It can also cover people who drive your car with your permission. Given Florida's highly litigious legal culture, NOT having this type coverage can make you vulnerable to damages from lawsuits.

How Much Auto Insurance Do You Need?

We’re based in Florida, so our team understands the auto insurance needs of our customers.

In Florida, to legally operate a motor vehicle, you must have:

  • $10,000 for personal injury protection (PIP)
  • $10,000 for property damage liability (PDL)

While this is the MINIMUM, it does not cover the costs of repairing your vehicle should you be at fault in an accident. To truly protect your vehicle, you should seriously consider adding additional coverage.

Financing a Car?

To finance a car, it is usually necessary to have insurance that covers damage to your vehicle. This includes:


Collision insurance coverage pays for damage caused to your vehicle in an automobile accident. Standard collision coverage will pay for any repairs up to the fair market value of your car. Collision coverage usually includes an insurance deductible. It’s the amount of money you pay toward repairs before your collision insurance kicks in. The higher the deductible you’re willing to pay, the less the collision coverage will cost.


Comprehensive insurance covers damage done to your car in some way other than a collision, such as if it were stolen or vandalized. Flood, hurricane, theft, windshield damage and fire are also events usually covered by comprehensive car insurance. Like collision, comprehensive will pay up to the fair market value of your car (less your insurance deductible.) And although it’s not legally required by any state, you will probably need it if your car is financed.

Every situation is unique — talk to us today to find out how to get the best value on auto insurance. Request a free quote today!

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