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Golf Cart Insurance in Jacksonville, FL

In Florida, we enjoy a lot of communities that allow golf carts to be used as transportation. It is a wonderful way to enjoy the fresh air and sunlight for a quick trip around the neighborhood.

Unfortunately, since golf carts can lack safety features like doors, seatbelts, and more - the risk of injury can be higher, especially for our kids and older adults.

There are two main scenarios involving golf carts that that are important to consider in Florida in terms of insurance:

  • If your golf cart isn't registered with the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles, you should be able to insure it with a simple endorsement to your homeowner's policy or a separate Golf Cart insurance policy. We usually recommend the stand-alone policy option because, if you need to file a claim for a golf cart accident, theft, or other incident, you'll be much better suited filing it on a golf cart policy than your home insurance policy In Florida, you most likely don't want to make any unnecessary claims on your Home Insurance that could have been handled elsewhere.
  • If your golf cart has been modified and registered with the Florida DMV (as an LSV, or Low Speed Vehicle) you no longer have a golf cart in terms of insurance. Florida Law now considers your golf cart (LSV) as a regular automobile. You must have complete auto insurance (including Personal Injury Protection). You're not just unprotected if you don't have the right coverage; you're also risking your driver's license because you're theoretically driving a registered car without property coverage.

Talk to us and let us advise you on the best insurance for your Golf Cart. We're happy to help!

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