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Insurance Coverage in St. Johns is Unique

The 32259 area code as well as all of St Johns County is one of the fastest growing areas in Florida. In fact, it's grown by over 22% since the year 2000. Many parts of this area are expected to grow even more in the years to come. Insuring your home, auto or anything else has some unique aspects when you live in this area. Some of those factors are:

Insurance Credit Score

When insurance companies give you a quote on your home or other type of insurance, they use an Insurance Score to help determine the cost. This rating is computed by factors such as the probability of an individual filing an insurance claim while under coverage and their credit rating. Many home owners and residents of the 32259, 32081/32082 area codes have favorable ratings in these areas which translates into a favorable insurance score. Each insurer has their own method for calculating this score and we continually monitor a range of insurance carriers to find the best insurance for our customers.

Preferred Risk

Many residents of St. Johns and surrounding area also fall into a category insurers call "Preferred Risk". Put simply, this means that we can find them better rates than other categories of customers generally referred to as Standard, Non-Standard, or Assigned Risk.

Newer Homes

Because this area has grown so much in recent years, many homes are generally newer construction than in other areas of Jacksonville. This can also help translate to lower rates on home insurance.

Let Us Help

We've worked with residents of St. Johns, Durbin Crossing, Switzerland Point, Fruit Cover and throughout this region in finding the right insurance coverage and just the right price. Contact us and we'd be happy to provide a free quote.


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