St. Augustine Trusts the Mizrahi and Garris Insurance Agency

As the oldest European-established settlement in the contiguous United States, St. Augustine has over 450 years of history and culture to explore. As the county seat of St. Johns County, located about 40 miles south of downtown Jacksonville, St. Augustine is a favorite tourist destination and a great place to settle down or start a new business. The area’s population grew by over 10% between 2010 and 2020, providing homes and business opportunities for thousands of new arrivals. The people of St. Augustine have trusted the insurance experts at Mizrahi and Garris for over 20 years for their home, life, and auto insurance needs, as well as commercial insurance for businesses in the area.

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Providing Expert Insurance Services for St. Augustine Residents

The insurance market is complex and ever-changing, so you need the Mizrahi & Garris Insurance Agency to help you navigate through the process. We’re not just an insurance agency; we provide expert insurance services and partner with you to find the best comprehensive coverage for St. Augustine residents to ensure that all your property is protected.

  • Auto Insurance:Ensure your drive is smooth and risk-free with the right auto insurance agency coverage.
  • Home Insurance:Protect your home and property against unforeseen calamity.
  • New Construction Insurance: Prevent coverage problems for newly built homes under construction from being underinsured. One of our insurance experts can help.
  • Renters Insurance:Protect your possessions with a comprehensive renters insurance policy.
  • Motorcycle & Boat Insurance:Protect your motorcycle, boat, and RV on land or water so the fun never ends.

Finding Business Coverage That Works for You

If you start a business in St. Augustine or surrounding areas, you need expert insurance services from an agency that understands the specific details of your commercial business.

  • General Liability:Get property coverage and protect your business reputation from unexpected disasters.
  • Commercial Property:Protect your office buildings and associations with superior property coverage.
  • Insurance for Home Office:Home offices may be underinsured. Make sure you have the right coverage.

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Securing Your Assets with Comprehensive Coverage in St. Augustine

The Mizrahi and Garris Insurance Agency provides concierge insurance services to St. Augustine’s zip code areas 32080, 32084, and 32085. Our experienced agents are committed to helping you get the best possible coverage at the best price. We compare plans and analyze coverage options to ensure you have the best protection without emptying your bank account.

Call (904) 262-9202 or click "Free Quote" to speak to an insurance expert today.

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