What is the Role of an Insurance Agent?

As your agent, our primary goal is to learn your specific insurance needs, and help guide you to the right policy. We help facilitate the connection with your insurance carrier. We will usually be your first point of contact.

Not only do we quote insurance, we will continue to service your policy. It doesn’t just get passed along to a call center – we stay familiar with your file! From assisting with taking payments, providing copies of your policy documents, to researching and answering any insurance questions or assisting with policy changes- we can help with all of this!


Insurance Agents have very specific licenses that are administered by the state. With our license, we also complete Continuing Education classes to keep up-to-date on new trends and changes in the industry.

As growing experts in our field, we share our knowledge by educating our clients. We help explain what coverages mean, what insurance is designed for, and help anticipate future insurance needs.


One thing that makes us stand out from other agencies is our close relationships that we have built with the insurance carriers. We work closely with their underwriters and meet regularly with their marketing representatives, which helps us build a solid partnership with the carriers. This allows for open communication, possible exceptions, and better policy management.


We are always here to advocate for our clients! If you find yourself in a potential claims situation, we recommend calling our office first. We will help our clients determine a plan of action, find out what may be needed, and what to expect during the claims process. If you have any issues during your claims process, we can help communicate that to the insurance carrier as well.

Building a Relationship with our Clients

When you call our office, you are not calling a call center and you are not just a policy number to us. We love getting to know our clients and their families. It is always the best testament to our service when clients recommend our office to family and friends. This shows how much trust our clients have in us!

Dennis and Betsy, who started Mizrahi and Garris, are very active in our office – helping with calling back client’s voicemails, reviewing coverages to make recommendations, and quoting policies. It was important to them to build a solid team who they could trust to help our clients. They have found that in Crystal, Carla, Bri, and Liz! We are all just a phone call or email away and always happy to help!

We are Local!

Why does this matter? Having a local agent helps tremendously! Because we know the area, we know local trends. We can help warn against predatory contractor behavior and fraud that we’ve witnessed. We can help with trusted local recommendations – maybe you need a good plumber or electrician? We all know how hard it can be to find a trusted contractor that we feel confident in to allow into our homes!

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